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Russian Presidential Academy - Ural Institute of Management
About us
The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) is the largest educational institution in Russia, represented by 54 branches in eight federal districts of the Russian Federation (47 regions). The Academy has developed unique training programs to train civil servants for federal authorities and regional governments. RANEPA is one of the leaders in training top-level managers for Russian firms and companies. Over one-third of the MBA (Master of Business Administration) students in the Russian Federation are students of the Academy. The Ural Institute of Management – branch of RANEPA specializes in training professionals in the fields of Economics, Public Administration, Management and Law can work in Russia and abroad.
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Our advantages
If you study at the Ural Institute of Management – branch of RANEPA you will:
get a RANEPA diploma, issued in Moscow
have an opportunity to do an internship at state administration bodies or one of the top companies
benefit from our special support system
- airport pick-up

- a buddy (mentor) for your first month

- cultural and integration program (exploring the city, holidays and celebrations)
receive immigration and documents assistance
enjoy the region's best dormitory
with only 1 roommate (either Russian or international)
have your certificates and diplomas legalized for studying in Russia
Russian language for international students
Bachelor and Master degree programs
Russian language for international students is a first step to get education in Russia. After one year of this course you will be able to apply for a Bachelor or Master program at any university of Russia.
Duration of the course: ~10 month, 1 September - 30 June 2022
Study schedule: 4 academic hours (2 double classes) 4 times per week, intercultural studies 2 times a week. After the basic course of Russian language, the special subjects will start.

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Phonetics
  • Country Studies
  • Specialized subjects: Social Studies, Math, History (choose two)
  • English language (optional)
The Academy provides 6 Bachelor's programs, 10 Master's programs and PhD programs.
After the preparatory year of Russian language you can apply for:
  • Bachelor in Public Administration, Economics, Law, Management, Economic Security
  • Master in Public Administration, Law
  • PhD in Economics, Sociology Studies, Law, Political and Regional Studies
One of our biggest advantages is that you can study in Yekaterinburg take the best educational practices of the Academy and get an Moscow-issued diploma.

To apply for studying at the Academy you will need to present your apostilled certificate of previous education (original) along with the Russian translation.
The legalization process will be carried out by the Academy, so there is no need to send your documents to the Federal Education and Science Supervision Service of Russia.
    The Ural Institute of Management – branch of RANEPA has the best dormitory in the region:
    • 2-4 persons accommodation
    • a toilet in each room
    • a gym
    • a library and self-study rooms
    • an underground passage to the main building provides an opportunity for the students not to walk the streets in the cold Ural winter
    • a canteen and a cafe, kitchens at every floor
    • central location in the heart of the city, a 2-minute walk from metro station
    • hotel for the friends and relatives, who visits you in Yekaterinburg
    Accommodation costs: 15 USD per month

    Watch a video tour of the dormitory.
    Our adaptational program
    Each international student coming to study in Russia needs special attention and support in a totally different climate, culture and traditions. That's why we support our international students from the very first minutes they arrive in Ekaterinburg.
    Our volunteers will pick you up from the airport or the railway station by car and assist you with dormitory check-in, currency exchange, shopping and getting the required medical documents.
    During your first month here you will always be accompanied by a "buddy" (mentor) who is going to help you with your studies, finding your way around the city, integrating into the local way of life – and will also become a good friend of yours! Starting your second year you will also be able to become a mentor for the new-coming students.
    We understand that everyone have its own needs, so that we offer dormitory accommodation either with a Russian or international student. Choosing to live with a Russian student will certainly boost your adaptation process and language skills.
    Russia is known for its hospitality and its many official and traditional holidays – and we will always make sure to involve our international students in the celebrations. On New Year's Eve you will be visited by a Russian Santa and his Snow Maiden and join everyone in dancing around the Christmas tree. On Maslenitsa Festival you will try Russian pancakes – maybe even try cooking some! On the International Women's Day you will learn all about the way it is celebrated in Russia and send congratulations to your mother. On the Russian Language Day you will learn to read Pushkin's poems in Russian. And so much more!
    You will enjoy your first graduation ceremony as you complete the Preparatory Faculty, where the Institute Director will present you with your certificate, followed by a beautiful group photo and some career guidance activities to help you choose your future career path.
    As the final step of our program we will offer you our assistance with applying for Bachelor or Master degree program at the Ural Institute of Management. We will support you at the exams, help you collect the required documents and choose the field of future studies.
    About Ekaterinburg
    Ekaterinburg is the fourth-largest city in Russia and the administrative center of the Sverdlovsk Oblast, located on the Iset River east of the Ural Mountains, in the heart of the Eurasian continent, on the Asian side of the boundary between Asia and Europe. It is the key cultural and industrial center of the region.

    Ekaterinburg is home to the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, as well as the scene for many other historical events. The city of Ekaterinburg is closely related to the name of Russia's last tsar Nikolay II.

    Ekaterinburg lives by the Ekaterinburg Time, which is five hours ahead of UTC (UTC+5) and two hours ahead of Moscow Time. A flight to Moscow usually takes about two hours, with more than 10 flights available each day.

    Ekaterinburg is the third largest transport hub of Russia, following Moscow and St. Petersburg. The city boasts 6 federal highways, 7 main railway lines and an international airport. Its central location allows for trips to any of the large Ural cities within 7-10 hours.

    Ekaterinburg became an important transportation hub largely due to the city's favorable geographical location – on a low stretch of the Ural Mountains, convenient for laying the main roads connecting the European and Eastern parts of Russia. The international airport of Ekaterinburg operates flights to more than 30 destinations abroad.

    The standard of living in Ekaterinburg exceeds the average standard across Russia; it is
    among the top ten cities with the highest quality of life. Compared to other Russian cities with a population of around or over one million, Ekaterinburg holds a leading position in terms of average monthly wages and retail turnover, as well as the total volume of investments. The city also takes up the 4th place as for fixed assets and the 2nd place as for housing placement.

    Ekaterinburg hosted 4 games during the 2018 FIFA World Cup as one of the 11 Russian host cities. The games were played at the renovated Central Stadium.
    Ekaterinburg, Russia
    How to apply
    To apply, please download and fill out the application form below and send it to us with a scanned copy of your passport.
    Read our personal data processing policy carefully before sending any applications/personal data.
    Application deadlines
    You can apply for Russian language course untill 30th August 2022
    Applying for degree programs
    Upon completion of the Preparatory Faculty (of any Russian university) you are eligible to apply for degree programs, as long as you meet the following conditions:

    1. Your visa is valid until August 31, which makes it possible for you to continue your studies without having to leave Russia (otherwise you will have to leave for your home country and apply for a new visa).

    2. You visit Yekaterinburg before June 30 to submit the required documents and take exams.

    3. You pay the tuition fee for the first semester in August and apply for visa extension.

    4. In case you have completed the Preparatory Faculty at the Ural Institute of Management – branch of RANEPA, we will guide you through the application process and exams.
    Send your application
    To apply, please enter your details and upload filled out application form and passport in the form below.
    +7 (343) 251-71-05
    66 8 Marta Street, Ekaterinburg, Russia
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